Practice makes perfect…or does it?

What a great day back on the mats. Spent some time rolling  with Jamie, one of my mentors, competitor and friend . Certainly no quater given.  A man who lives by the adage that you will be tested each and every time you step on the mat.

Spent not a great deal of time on the mats this year. Sadly life interrupted my BJJ. Though I was told early on in my journey that a day a week for life beats a bunch of days a week for a short time. BJJ has always been my refuge from the world. A place om the mats with people I trust and admire. I live for the roll, I have no favorite positions, submissions or competitors. I dont care for win, loose or draw. I feel safe from intentional injury and I know my friends will push me with their best. I am submitted often but never  feel like I have lost. I admire my warrior friends and their courage to get on the mat, day after day. Sweating and bleeding in the pursuit of a higher goal. I look forward to a year of more time on the mat.

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